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 Theconflitto European tour help!

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PostSubject: Theconflitto European tour help!   Sat 13 Aug 2011 - 13:47


Here's Diego form the Italian hardcore / post hardcore band THECONFLITTO ( myspace.com/theconflitto ).
We just released our new album and will be on euro-tour on the last week
of september and the first days of october, crossing Germany, France, Switzerland and Belgium.
At now we have some DAY OFF, for wich we arare hardly searching for gigs in Germany.
This days are 2,3,4,5 October. If someone can help us to fix a gig, write us at:


We also organize shows in our city (La Spezia), so we can shurely replace the favor.
Thank you very much in advance, we hope to find an help!


Genre: hardcore / post hardcore.
Born: 2004
City: La Spezia (Italy)
Releases: 3
Members: Luca - guitar / Paolo - Vocals / Omar - Bass / Diego - Drums

Theconflitto is an hardcore/post hardcore band, born in 2004 in La Spezia [Italy].
They have two ep behind, both self-produced: "Burning Karma" (2006) and "Kids Die, Music and Protest Don't Kill" (2008).
In 2011 they released our first Full-lenght album "Dusk Over The Nations", for WormHoleDeath records and Aural Music.
The debut album contains 11 tracks about their hardcore interpretation influenced by many genres, with grindcore fragments,
instrumental rest of reflections, rock'n'roll additions, sludge/noise dilatations and real hardcore attitude.
Some bands that you keep in mind to understand our genere can be Refused, Botch, Fugazi, Burst, Neurosis, Today is the day, Converge..
The lyrics are about social and political themes which sometimes are expressed in a critical-direct way
and other times in a more introspective and human mood.

SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/theconflitto
E-MAIL: theconflitto[at]gmail.com
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Theconflitto European tour help!
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