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 Born From Pain: Neuer Fronter

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PostSubject: Born From Pain: Neuer Fronter   Fri 23 May 2008 - 14:20

Born From Pain: Neuer Fronter

Rob Franssen ist wieder mit dabei und wird Kevin Otto an den Vocals ersetzen. Hier das Update der Band:

"After a long period of not knowing what was going to happen with Kevin's throat situation, Kevin was forced to stop shouting for Born From Pain by doctor's advice. The amount of shows on the schedule would have left Kevin's vocal chords scarred and marked for life and obviously he was not willing to take that risk. We had already seen it coming for a while as his situation has not been improving since Kevin's last show in December 2007. As Born From Pain had already looked to everybody who they thought were suitable for the job after original singer Che left, the only logical outcome left was to put original member Rob Franssen and former singer for bands like Feeding The Fire, Bloodsport, Wheel Of Progress and Backdraft on the mic."

Rob dazu:

"After Kevin had decided to leave the band many people who are involved with the band urged me to pick up the mic, and since everybody was well-convinced I should be the one taking over due to my past experiences as a singer/frontman and being the main, longest lasting face of the band, I just did. We actually never really considered this option but it seemed right to us too and I got increasingly motivated by the trust put in me by many and started practising on the mic with the band. I feel great doing this as I have always written all the lyrics and vocal lines for the songs and I can now shout them myself. The fact that many people seem to feel I am doing a good job is really stimulating of course. Besides that, I feel like this is where I am supposed to be, it feels great again."

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Born From Pain: Neuer Fronter
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